Cosplay Friday Submission

Welcome to the Cosplay Friday web form.
Please fill out the form below to let us know about your interest in being featured in Cosplay Friday!
Information about yourself, and/or your cosplays is appreciated.

What is Cosplay Friday?

Answer: Cosplay Friday is our web segment where we interview cosplayers either locally, or elsewhere in the world and post our interview up online, with a total of 3 pictures from each cosplayer.

What can I expect?
Answer: We have a list of questions that we send to each interested individual, they then fill out the questions and send the answers back to us. Not all questions will be the same for everyone, they may vary depending on the persons background, answers to previously asked questions, or if they have had a background in modeling.

Answer: We will do our best to try and keep the questions consistent for all cosplayers, but additional or different questions to others is a possibility due to background or other information provided.

Each Friday, we will pick one of the submissions and post it up online for everyone to see.

What makes Cosplay Friday special?
Answer: Cosplay Friday does not discriminate against gender, skin color, religion, height, or looks.
We believe each and every cosplayer is special in his or her own way. Everyone deserves to be recognized regardless of how they choose to cosplay. It can be making, buying, or commissioning someone to create a cosplay!

Will any of my personal information be released?
Absolutely not! We only post information that you’re comfortable with us posting. This includes Name, Age, Location, etc.

Information such as e-mail address or phone number, if provided, will be kept strictly confidential between Optimus Reports and the applicant.

Will any answer that I provide be modified in any way that I don’t approve of?
Your answers may be modified, yes, but this is usually for grammatical or spelling purposes.
Optimus Reports and Ninja Photography are professional businesses, and as such, will do our best to post exactly what was said by each person.

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