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Cosplay Compliments:
A Cosplay blog run by Lyndzy Gordon Lucchesi and her friends.

Their blog’s mission:

The internet is full of all sorts of things, good and bad. For cosplayers, there are many instances of blogs, groups, and websites devoted to mocking, degrading, and making fun of cosplayers. We want to combat this with a “compliments” blog.

We all know that cosplayers range in levels of skill, size, shapes, colors, and gender. This blog is a place where you can submit fellow cosplayers for all to admire.

When you submit, please supply us with a nice photograph of the cosplay, along with credit to the cosplayer and photographer (when you can). Please also let us know what about this cosplay or cosplayer made you submit it to our blog. We are so excited to be starting this, and we greatly appreciate your contributions!

Media Developer’s Association

New Breed Games:
New Breed Games, LLC is a video game development studio located in Miami, Florida. Our business model is that of a V.V.G.S. (a “Virtual Video Game Studio”); we conduct 90 percent of our production and development efforts via remote working, so that we can hire based on skill rather than location. Our current team is scattered all over the world. Founded in 2010 by Ryan W. McClellan (CEO, Lead Designer) and former co-founder: Kelly Murdock (EA Games, Activision), the goal was, is, and will remain the following: to create a  high-value, budget-conscious video gaming experience that innovates the industry by providing new and exciting development techniques that provide the player with a new definition of “interactivity” and authenticity.